Round Table

Gerard Loughlin
is Professor of Theology and Religion at Durham University. He is the author of Telling God’s Story: Bible Church and Narrative Theology (Cambridge University Press, 1996) and Alien Sex: The Body and Desire in Cinema and Theology (Blackwell, 2004). He is also the coeditor (with Jon Davies) of Sex These Days: Essays on Theology, Sexuality and Society (Continuum, 1997) and editor of Queer Theology: Rethinking the Western Body (Blackwell, 2007). He serves on the editorial board of Literature and Theology (Oxford University Press) and is coeditor (with Elizabeth Stuart and Kent Brintnall) of Theology and Sexuality (Taylor & Francis).

Inês Mendes Gil is an Associate Professor at the Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies in Lisbon, where she teaches film and photography since 2000. She is the director of the Photography BA since 2007. In 2005 she published her PhD on Cinematographic Atmosphere by the Gulbenkian Editions. Her first post-doc about the notion of “patina” in photography and film was presented in Paris 8 and in 2015 she concluded a second post-doc at the Catholic University of Portugal - Lisbon about the relation between film and spirituality. In 2014 she directed Thin Skinned, a 75 minute’s documentary about a school for juvenile delinquents in the suburb of Lisbon. Timeless Garden is her second feature documentary (70 min.) about the daily life of a Dominican community of nuns in Lisbon. She also does video installations: in 2011 she presented “The New Covent”, a contemporary Noah’s Ark (video’s triptych) and in 2016 she directed Gratia Plena also a video’s diptych about a contemporary Annunciation. She just finalized her first fiction short: “Promised Land”, a fable about the discovery of love during adolescence.

Tiago Cavaco has a degree in Communication Sciences from the New University of Lisbon and is a pastor in the Church at Lapa, the second Baptist church in Lisbon. He worked in television for 10 years. He writes for Ler magazine and keeps a blog called Voz do Deserto [Desert Voice]. He is the author of Felizes para Sempre: E Outros Equívocos Acerca do Casamento [Happily Ever After: And Other Misconceptions About Marriage] (Cego, Surdo e Mudo, 2013), Seis Sermões Contra a Preguiça [Six Sermons Against Sloth] (Vida Nova, 2015), Ter Fé na Cidade: O Diálogo Entre uma Pequena Igreja de Bairro e a Cultura [Having Faith in the City: The Dialogue Between a Small Neighborhood Church and Culture] (Letras d’Ouro, 2105), e Cuidado com o Alemão: Três Dentadas que Martinho Lutero Dá à Nossa Época [Behare of the German: Martin Luther’s Three Bites Into Our Time] (Letras d’Ouro, 2106).